My Candy Tree, Music For Younger Children

Tommy Gardner

Upbeat and fun 'Cat Stevens for kids", songs they know and some with messages (for young children, 2-7)

Tom Gardner from The Uncle Brothers is Tommy and this is his debut CD for younger children (ages 2-7). Preschool teachers, parents, and kids alike love Tommy's lively approach and value-filled interpretations of some standard kid's favorites.

This award winning songwriter added his personal touch with 5 original songs, one which he wrote with his 7 year old son Jesse (who still asks for royalties every time Tommy comes home from a show). The title track, "My Candy Tree" is fast becoming the standard song for a preschool song having to do with growing your own tree from bubble gum seeds which reaps candy!

"My Candy Tree" Winner 2004 Parents Choice Award "My candy Tree" Winner 2004 Best single for young children

Parents Guide Award, Children's Music Web Award, "BEST NEW ARTIST!"

"Rainbow", Grand Prize Winner, KidSing 2001 Songwriting contest

"Delightful & entertaining!" Parents Guide magazine

"I loved watching (Tommy from) the Uncle Brothers and you will too. The kids were totally involved, had a great time, and learned meaningful things (messages) as well" Bob McGrath from Sesame Street

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