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"The best assembly we ever had!"

Milton Elementary, Marlboro, NY

"These guys are just GREAT! Perfect for any school program where character education is important! "Jim Jones, Radburn Elementary, Fair Lawn, NJ

"The Uncle Brothers presentation was incredible!"Donald Jesse, Ass't Principal, Conowingo Elementary, Conowingo, MD

We will recommend you to all the schools here in Cecil County!Mike Pearce, Bainbridge Elementary, Port Deposit, MD

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Middle/High School Speaking Programs

Tommy's speaking program, "You Are A SuperHero..." is based on his new eBook of the same title. His powerful message is that everyone of us has superpowers that only become active the moment we realize we have them. Powers such as; power of words, power of choice, power of dreams, power of an AOK (Act of Kindness), power to just say no, and others. Although this book was purposely designed to be read in about an hour, the profound messages within will last a lifetime! available on Amazon here! 

Please request a synopsis of his program as well as a free copy of his book. motivationalassemblies@gmail.com

Free bonus for all schools! Every student in your school will receive a free copy of this eBook (you distribute, so all emails are protected by you). $2000-5000 value!

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Tommy Gardner has been performing his character education, 'motivational assemblies' for over two decades in elementary schools and now has developed a powerful speaking program for teenagers. This affordable program is a high energy hour long presentation addressing the huge problem of bullying and cyber-bullying that is growing daily in middle and high schools. Other character themes included are; positive choices, self-esteem building, persistence and determination, respect, kindness, and more. Also available are chalk talks with small groups of students and teachers and evening parent Cyber-Bullying Awareness/Brainstorming sessions. For more information, a synopsis of the presentation or a free copy of "You Are A SuperHero..." please email motivationalassemblies@gmail.com 


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